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Church Activities During the Week

Schooling and after school care for children are just two of the activities churches hold during the week. Many have begun to open day care centres for their parishioners. Bible studies for specific groups are another important weekday activity. Social events at church are becoming more popular as a way to connect people with their religion on a regular basis. While not overtly religious activities, all of these services help people to stay connected with the church as well as other members of the congregation.

Day care has long been a problem for families when both parents need to work. Finding a good day care is often a long and fruitless search. Many parents worry their children will learn bad habits or be neglected. They generally do not know the workers at the centre and feel slightly uncomfortable leaving their children. When their local church opens a day care, many of these issues disappear. Their children are left with people they already know through the church. Because of their association with the parish and its members, parents often feel happier leaving their children with fellow congregation members.

Bible studies have often helped people gain a greater understanding of their religion. They may not have fully understood everything they learned in their early religious training. Some of them may have questions concerning modern ethical issues. Other people choose to focus on in-depth religious learning. Bible studies are usually group oriented for men or women, and some are for married couples with children. This allows the entire group to focus of the issues they believe are most important to them.

Church teas are often held as a way to celebrate events in the lives of congregation members. Some are a way to welcome new members to the church. Others celebrate life events such as engagements and baby showers. These teas are often held for the female members of the church, but men are welcomed.