Local Communities

Teaching Faith through Good Works

The community activities of many churches center on providing assistance to those in the area in need, and even children are included in the activities. While they might not be up to cooking meals for the hungry, they can help set up the eating area. Activities that require crafts are often a part of their participation, and the adults in their church will help them with fundraising activities. As they grow toward adulthood within their church community, they will be taught that the larger community around them is also part of their responsibility. The needs of even those who are not church members is a concept they are taught early, and they will have many opportunities to learn this as they become adults.

Many churches hold a sincere belief they should spread word of their faith, and many of them believe it is best to do it with good works. Helping the less fortunate within their own community is seen as an opportunity to spread their beliefs by helping others. Feeding the hungry is seen as a way to connect with them, but it also provides a necessary service. It does not matter if they choose to have a canned food drive or offer hot meals, the concept is the same.

Children who participate in these activities are taught that they are serving God by serving their community, but that does not mean it needs to be a solemn undertaking. Part of what they are taught to share is their optimism that all things are possible through their faith. It shows those they are helping how positive their religion can be, but it also shows that doing good things for others is a celebration of their life and faith.

Teaching faith through good works is an ancient tradition, and it is part of many religions. For those in need, it can be a life saver. Those who are sharing through their church often find it is an uplifting experience that reinforces their beliefs.